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Helping Firefighters Fight Cancer

Our goal is to introduce innovative solutions that removes work related risks and make the work of firefighters & first responders easier, both before and after each emergency call.

Deconfilter Pro S Detail 736X800

Optimized cleaning process requires an optimized filter system

The DeconFilter™ Pro S is focused on extracting and reducing the amount of carcinogenic PAH particles from the Solo Rescue wastewater. It was developed to work seamlessly with the Solo Rescue Decon Washer and it fits perfectly on the right side of the machine.

Lab tests have showed that the DeconFilter™ Pro S was able to reduce the amount of PAH M and PAH H compounds (both of whom are currently being classified as carcinogenic by the Swedish EPA) in the waste water by up to 98 %, or below detection level.

SR Small Parts Holder 736X800

Small Parts Holder

The Small Parts Holder for the Solo Rescue® Decon Washer enables you to wash and decontaminate even the small parts of your PPE such as disassembled breathing valves and regulators. It is always used together with the heavy duty basket and you can place up to two Small Parts Holders in one Heavy Duty Basket.

Simply disassemble your equipment according to your manufacturer’s instructions and place the separate parts in one of the appropriately sized baskets. Put the top cover in place to secure the parts from being able to get thrown out during the wash cycle.

Solo Rescue Open

Solo Rescue® Decon Washer – Developed to help firefighters fight cancer

The Solo Rescue Decon Washer was developed in close cooperation with the Swedish Rescue Services and the organization Healthy Firefighters to meet the needs for cleaning contaminated equipment in the best way possible. The goal was to develop a healthier way to decontaminate protective gear and help firefighters fight cancer.

We were thoroughly impressed by the machine’s ease of operation, efficiency and performance. The number of contaminants that were removed from the SCBAs that had previously been cleaned by hand was astonishing. Gary Robertson, Captain at Kananaskis Emergency Services in Alberta, Canada.

Solo Rescue® Decon Washer

The unique Solo Rescue® system features a rotating basket that enables the water jets to reach and decontaminate even tight and sometimes hard to reach spaces, such as between the back plate and the cylinders.


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