External dosage pump for Solo Rescue® from SEKO®

SEKO® WareOne Analog

SEKO® WareOne Analog

SEKO® WareOne Analog

It is now finally possible to order the Solo Rescue with integrated dosing pumps. The pre-installed integrated dosing pumps are available as an option for new orders of the Solo Rescue®. These volumetric dosing pumps provide secure dosing of detergents, rinse, defoamer or disinfectant and can easily be adjusted to suit the washing recommendations of your PPE manufacturer. The pumps are mounted inside the machine, behind the front cover plate.

You can eighter choose either one pump for dosing of detergent or two pumps for dosing of detergent and rinse/defoamer/disinfectant.

 Product Flow range  Dosing Range 
Pre-installed Volumetric Dosing Pump for detergent 1.5–13 l/h 0.3–1.5%
Pre-installed Volumetric Dosing Pump for detergen
Pre-installed Volumetric Dosing Pump for rinse/defoamer/desinfectant 
1.5–13 l/h
0.5–8 l/h

RESCUE Intellitech disclaims liability for all incorrect dosing provided by the pre-installed volumetric dosing pumps. The pumps must always be adjusted to correspond with the washing instructions of each individual PPE manufacturer, at the time of installation. The responsibility to adjust the pumps to provide the correct dosing lies entirely in the hands of the customer.

These volumetric dosing pumps are not to be installed in existing Solo Rescue machines since it may damage the Solo Rescue® machine and void all warranties.

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