Meet Martin Valfridsson – Our New CEO

Martin Valfridsson

Martin Valfridsson

We are pleased to announce that RESCUE Intellitech’s board of directors recently appointed Martin Valfridsson as our new CEO.

Martin, who started his new position on February 1, comes from an engineering background, holding a Master of science degree from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. He has worked with product development, production management and sales all his career and has gradually shifted from R&D, via Production, to Senior Management positions being CEO for different technology related companies since 2006.

“I am thrilled about the track record of customer satisfaction and new opportunities with our Solo Rescue Decon Washer equipment, not least in North America. Broadening our product portfolio will bring new business where there are size constraints with Solo Rescue. Besides business opportunities, it is also a warm feeling for me to contribute to a safer working environment for our firefighting heroes around the world.”

We are glad to have Martin on board and welcome him to the RESCUE Intellitech team.

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