RESCUE Intellitech makes cleaning of SCBAs safer and more accessible with their new DeconWasher™ Pro S


With the new addition to their decon washer line-up, RESCUE Intellitech’s aim is to be able to offer fire stations of all sizes, and with different capacity needs, a safe and easy-to-use solution for cleaning and decontaminating their SCBAs, face masks and helmets.

MALMÖ, Sweden (June 14, 2022) – RESCUE Intellitech AB, the innovative Swedish manufacturer of decon washers for SCBAs, face masks and other PPE such as boots, gloves, and helmets, today announced that their recently launched DeconWasher Pro S will be available for orders on the global market as of today. After a successful introduction on the North American market earlier this spring RESCUE Intellitech will now showcase the new machine at INTERSCHUTZ in Hannover, Germany, starting June 20th.

The DeconWasher Pro S servs as a complement to the Solo Rescue® in RESCUE Intellitech’s line-up of decon washers. With its compact size and single-phase power supply it was designed to be easily installed in most fire stations around the globe all while still being able to wash a complete set of SCBA including face mask in just a few minutes. It can also be used as a mask washer in which case you would be able to wash up to four masks per wash cycle or up to 48 masks per hour.

“Efficient cleaning and decontamination of PPE is crucial when it comes to minimizing the exposure to toxic chemicals and carcinogens among firefighters. For many firefighters the only option for cleaning their SCBAs and other PPE such as face masks, boots, helmets, and gloves, is to clean them by hand. This is often time consuming but above all, it leads to dermal exposure and increases the risk of cross-contamination throughout the fire station. With the new DeconWasher Pro S we have managed to maintain the same great cleaning results we get with the Solo Rescue, despite the more convenient smaller size.” says Martin Valfridsson, CEO of RESCUE Intellitech AB.

The DeconWasher Pro S comes with a resistive touch screen display which serves as the control panel. This new interface has given RESCUE Intellitech the option to incorporate some new features that are not available on the Solo Rescue. These include an energy-saving ECO-mode, wash time progress bar, wash cycle counter, automatic water changes, adjustable detergent concentrations and temperatures.

The new machine is currently equipped with accessories that enables you to wash a complete set of SCBA including face mask, standalone air cylinders, helmets, and standalone face masks. With the Solo Rescue you can add boots and gloves to that list, but RESCUE Intellitech’s goal is to be able to add those to the DeconWasher Pro S further down the line as well.

“We are constantly looking to improve and develop our products to be able to offer firefighters the best solutions for reducing exposure to dangerous toxins. Listening to our customers experiences and input is something that plays a vital part in that process.” says Valfridsson.

DeconWasher™ Pro S

DeconWasher™ Pro S

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RESCUE Intellitech, part of the Sandberg Development Group founded in the 1960s, offers innovative solutions that help remove work-related risks and make the work of firefighters and first responders easier, both before and after each emergency call. The RESCUE Intellitech Solo Rescue® and DeconWasher™ Pro S clean SCBAs, face masks, and more, helping minimize cancer risk among firefighters and first responders. Other innovative companies in the group include AIMPOINT®, GRANULDISK® and Camurus®.

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